Monday, 25 October 2010

Bunch of Tracks

Jamie XX // Far Nearer //

Ramadanman // Pitter //

James Blake // Limit To Your Love (Fiest Cover) //

Gold Panda // India Lately //

I may actually write these up later, I will see how things go

oh, and this

Monday, 4 October 2010

Rubber // Yuck // (Pharmacy Recording Company/ Fat Possum)

Yuck have announced their d├ębut album, which should be coming out early next year, and this track has been confirmed to be on the track list. Their previous songs have been awesome slices of shoegazey pop, but Rubber takes a darker, slower-paced, stretched-out turn, exposing an angrier, more disdainful side of their respective characters, which has been funnelled into this powerful 7 minute track. One guitar and the bass are dense like sludge, whilst another wistful guitar jangle plays over the top which creates a strange tension of power and delicacy. It neatly mirrors the ambivalent despair of the lyrics, "should I give in?" (which is suitably quiet, submerged in the noise) soon changes to "yes I give in" as the jangly guitar disappears. Yuck don't try to hide their influences and they show a certain element of knowing fun, after all their riffs are immense and lyrics are easy to sing along with. They could well help usher in the 90's revival which seems inevitable after the 80's revival of the last few years, but has not quite happened yet.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Interesting article on the Guardian website //

"The music, which to some extent - speaking traditionally, as a voice of God, about a world where the music is God - is as close to prog as it is to house, drum'n'bass and jazz rock, sounds at its best and purest like it has always existed but we're only just hearing it. It exists just outside of time, between sudden quiet and sudden change, between being hyperlocal and instantly global, between particular space and all space."