Sunday, 18 April 2010

You // Gold Panda // (notown records)

Gold Panda released Quitters Raga last year after having his previous tunes float around the internet for a while. His many prior tracks where all very different, drawing on an eclectic range of influences to create very beat driven electronic music. However, after the strange vocal melody of Quitters Raga proved to be so popular, it seems that Gold Panda has played it safe with his latest release and folowed the same formula.

The track has a similar highly distorted, cut-up vocal, which evokes the image of a DJ pushing a button on a keyboard or a sequencer rather than someone singing. The juxtoposition of the organic feel of the voice with the mechanicalness of the context is what makes the new track You so exciting, despite the fimiliarity. The fleeting glimpses of voice actually evoke a longing, and the inabilty to understand what is being sung only furthers this feeling.

Still, his best tune isn't Quitters Raga but the much more relaxed Back Home.

You by Gold Panda

Back Home by Gold Panda

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