Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix) // Andreya Triana // (ninja tune)

Honestly, Andreya Triana is a paradox. Her two singles, A Town Called Obsolete and Lost Where I Belong are both delicate, minimal songs, a fairly standard mix of soul and folk, yet she has garnered the attention from the opposite end of the musical spectrum: Bonobo and Flying Lotus, as well as being remixed by some of my favourite new artists Floating Points and now Mount Kimbie. Her sullen, beautiful voice is the magnet attracting these helpless dance acts, it plays so well against the often cold instrumentation of the electronic noises and rigid beats. She adds the soul to the robotic bleeps of the computers; she is the ghost in the machine.

Mount Kimbie's music, however, is densely layered and often sounds very organic: uniquely unrepetitive and emotional. But on this remix they have created an uncharacteristically rythmic beat, which drives the lonely vocal line forward amongst the swirling synth lines. Burial-like off-beat bass flares also accompany her voice, like electronic wails in reaction to the deeply melancholic vibe. Andreya works so well in this situation it is a shame that she does not work with these guys on a regular basis as an album produced by any or all of the aforementioned artists could be spectacular.

Listen to it here:

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