Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tracks that I have been listening to lately //

The end of the year always signals tonnes of end-of-year lists, where I get a chance to go back over tunes that I may have missed. So recently I have been listening to practically no "new" music, so no proper blog posts. Nevertheless here is a list of links to the best of 2010, and before:

Little Dragon // Scribble Paper (Floating Points Remix) // http://youtu.be/qTEnJJ_k4g0

Floating Points Ensemble // Post Suite // http://youtu.be/zDc4VWiQMrE - This guy is so versatile

Studio // West Side // http://youtu.be/po8e8nftgqI - Solid Good Times - Yannis from Foals recommended this on his twitter, and it is obvious he likes it as it sounds very much like them, but with an absolutely chilled atmosphere rather than their intense energy; its dubby, lazy, danceable and absolutely immense. The album's massive too.

Kode9 // Black Sun // http://youtu.be/8Z0VSvu-ro0 - The hyberdub manager has a new album out this year, named after this song but not including it, which is a bit of a shame as it Kode9 at his very best

Mala // Alicia // http://youtu.be/WpzzGXBW4GA - Sexy Dubstep?

Titus Andronicus // A More Perfect Union // http://youtu.be/dFHlK8ZXgvE - America, Fuck Yeh

Deerhunter // Helicopter // http://youtu.be/G5RzpPrOd-4 - Wet

Liars // Mr Your on Fire Mr // http://youtu.be/Pza75oWGB2c

Kassem Mosse // Untitled [Laid] // http://youtu.be/AkV3bIQ2pa0

Jacques Greene // (Baby I don't Know) What You Want // http://youtu.be/lIDhX8cpjtI - This guy has some great stuff out on Night Slugs

ESG // UFO // http://youtu.be/X_vuSse9sFY - Never heard these guys directly before a few days ago, but I had heard their influence in styles as diverse as hip hop and dance-punk

...And you will know us by the trail of dead // Mistakes and Regrets // http://youtu.be/xgqEWJ8AC9o - Just a gigantic riff

Oh, and I have created a twitter account for this blog: twitter.com/onlyvibrations

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