Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I // Corinthian //

Recently, the UK underground music scene has exploded into the general music conciousness, and many acts have attempted to incorperate the sounds of UK Bass with more typically mainstream sounds. Unfortunately, Hybrid artists never spawn perfectly between the two musical camps by some immaculate conception, instead they branch across from either the "rock" side or the "electronic" side, perhaps utilising all the techniques of the other side, but inevitably always end up lumped in with the scene they orginated from, no matter how much they attempt to hide their ancestry. James Blake will always be part of the Bass scene no matter how much he tinkers with his piano, and it is the same for Mount Kimbie and a heap of otherwise pioneering acts. But with Corinthian, while still bearing the marks of a typical rock band, have merged with the dark, moody, bassy atmosphere of the post-Burial music scene, but without the dreadful po-faced seriousness and pretension that often comes part of the package.

Instead of buzzing bass lines that hit at despair and seclusion, the first track of I has a playful synthline riding above it, a guitar line that sounds like the riff from Hunting for Witches and an emotionally distant (cool) vocal line. The track is quite short, but parts are constantly being swapped out, so it never quite settles in. However, the atmosphere created is fun and slightly dancey despite the cavernous bass, the parts all contrast and work off each other to create a very entertaining track and a mood that is hard to pin down.

The other tracks off of the EP are similarly contructed, mixing funky rock bass lines and intesnse drumming and bass stabs. Instead of trying to mix the constituent parts together to create blandness, the different parts, dance hi-hats and agressive guitars, are distinctly seperated and jammed together in a way that feels very organic, albeit hyperactive and restless. Overall, the three tracks showcase an absolute tonne of ideas and provide a very clear vision of their style, suggesting the band could make something very big.

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  1. Each track on the Corinthian EP is excellent, and the end of 16-11-10 is no joke one of my favourite moments in music.