Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Eyesdown (Floating Points remix) // Bonobo // (ninja tune)

My blog hasn't been for going all that long but already I have devoted an inordinate amount of words toward Floating Points, because, honestly, he's my favourite thing in music at the moment. His remix of Bonobo's Eyesdown is, unbelievably, possibly his best tune to date.

The melancholic mood evoked by the sullen female vocals and the jittery synth is erily beautiful and immediately striking, unlike some of his other tracks that are more slow-burning. Still, he doesn't lose any of the subtlety that his prior tracks exploited to create hypnotic and dynamic tracks despite their simplicity. FP also creates huge space in the track for the wistful vocals and synth to play about in; it seems as though Sam Shephard is (deservedly) becoming more confident in his production.

Hear the track here:

Bonobo - 'Eyesdown' (Floating Points Remix) by Ninja Tune

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