Saturday, 6 March 2010

Interesting Article + Kool tracks

Drowned in Sound sometimes has some very insightful articles and this one is no different:

It certainly is some food for thought. Being a music blogger (even if for a few days) I may sometimes be the antithesis of the romantic view evoked in the article. I perhaps do "consume" music very quickly, but there have been many times when i have become so completely engrossed with a particular album or band that i have had no interest in any other music, first with Bloc Party's Silent Alarm and a precious few since. The analogy of a prisoner used on the first paragraph is certainly highly idealised, but i do see the authors' point, especially as we are exposed to just so much media, it is difficult to shift your full attention to just one thing for even a few minutes, let alone days or weeks.

Kool Tracks:

Silver Rocket (live) // Sonic Youth

Back Home // Gold Panda

All My Friends // LCD Soundsystem

Gold Soundz // Pavement

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