Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ou Est La Swimming Pool //

I was going to do a post on Ou Est La Swimming Pool's DJ set they did last night at Little Johnny Russels (a pub in Southsea), but I was drunk and I payed very little attention to them to make any sort of judgement. So instead I looked them up today post-hangover.

Honestly, they have such a pretentious name that you would think they would have at least some musical talent to back it up. But no, they are well and truly awful. Shit, even. They have taken up very simplistic nu-rave (remember that?) sound, which involves simple 4 on the floor beats and synths, and have some atrotious and uber-serious lyrics which they shout, instead of sing. Described like this, they may sound a bit like an aggresive dance act, yet they lack any sort of immediacy to fill this mould as their beats just plod along.

Dance the Way I Feel // Ou Est La Swimming Pool:

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