Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rinse: 11 // Oneman // (rinse)

The best thing about this mixtape is the flow. Oneman has mixed this list of songs to make the changes practically unnoticeable and results in it seeming so completely natural and effortless, like the songs where tailor made for that order. Funky in places, and garagey in others, Oneman has chosen songs that take influence from dubstep, but are lighter and dancier: no sub-bass in sight on this record. The serene flow of the CD is particularly impressive because of the vast differences in sound, especially from staple Rumours & Revolutions by Zomby into Martyn's beautifully melancholic remix of Acid Bells by Efdemin, which features a lonesome piano melody that wouldn't seem out of place on a sad pop song if it weren't for the 2 step beat, then into Get Low by Geeneus, urging the listner to skank.

The centre of the mix showcases the most dancey material: a welcome change after the clamer tunes biding our attention. Citizens Dub ft. Bubbz by Bok Bok and Untitled Mambo (Boogaloo Crew Remox) by A4C are particular highlights. In fact, Joy Orbison's tune almost seems most out of place: its spacey intro breaks the flow and its sound doesn't quite gel with the rest of the record (not to say that it's not incredible when listened to on its own) and is then awkwardly mixed out before it can have any true impact.

The last few tracks give the mix an extended coda out; they maintain quite intense synths, but are also repetitive, creating a blissed out vibe, giving the listener a chance to recuperate after the former songs. Modeselektor's remix of Headhunters Prototype is especially good as it maintains what is essintially one synth line over a cacophony of heavy beats.

On the whole, the mix showcases a lot of producers who otherwise would not get much attention. Oneman has showed his masterful command over the turntables and created a mix that doesn't let up the tunes for the entire hour, whilst never seeming repetitive or forced.

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