Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spanish Sahara // Foals //

Oxford university dropouts who take partying very seriously, Foals have released Sanish Sahara as taster of their forthcoming sophmore album Total Life Forever. I'm still in two minds about their new direction. Yannis's vocals carry the long introducion, but they are too bland to give them any impact. When the dynamics shift, the pay off explolsion of noise is underwhelming and unneccesary after the lackluster buildup. Gone are the duel interwoven guitar line, leaving one riff from the lead guitar lonely.

On the plus side the keyboards are interesting, but they seem out of place by being too calm on a track which demands urgency. Foals have tried too hard to create an epic anthem but they have fell flat on their faces. The video accompanying the track is similarly funless. However, this isn't even lead single from the upcoming album, so there is still plenty to get excited about. Foals have released a free remix of the song which you can download from their website.

Watch the video here:


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