Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow EP // Joy Orbison // (AUS)

Joy Orbison has been enormously tipped since he released Hyph Mngo back in the summer. He took the overused garage influenced dubstep template and built upon it looped vocal samples and synths to make a track that resembled more of a house track. It and the rest of his limited output, which blends all the best bits of funky and garage with dubstep, contributed his nomination to the BBC Sound of 2010 poll. The 22 yr old has released this oddly titled EP against this relentless hype and he has not failed to deliver.

The main attraction of the 3 track EP is not, in fact, the eponymous song, but instead the second A-side So Derobe. Joy Orbison (whose real name is the rather less interesting Peter O'Grady) uses a sublime Boys II Men sample to evoke an anonymous and distant longing, something not dissimilar to the vocal samples used by the equally talented Burial. The beats are as heavy as they are complex, and O'Grady scatters the rhythm with breakbeats. The song is not upbeat, but rather seems to take an understated atmospheric route and instead just flirts with dance rather full-on embracing it. There is a certain amount of swagger to the song showing how the Croydon resident is comfortable with his sound and this EP shows a lot of development.

The title track, unusually, is not as inspiring but takes a similar tone as So Derobe with a slightly more chilled approach to dance music in comparison to the songs that made him famous. The synths and vocal samples are haunting, but they do not evoke as a strong physical or emotive response to make it awesome.

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